Full recovery and recuperation can only be achieved if the patient commits to full adherence to doctor’s instructions and prescriptions. Unfortunately, most cases of worsened or untreated ailments are due to patients not complying to their medications. Despite frequent reminders, some people still fail to take their medicines due to unavailability and inaccessibility of the medicines or, simply, due to forgetfulness.
To help you adhere to prescriptions, Smith Drug Store will make available for your pre-packed medicines which are good for certain periods of consumption. These medicines are safely sealed and placed in smartly printed boxes which helps remind you to take your dose for the day. Common examples of adherence packaging are:

  • Calendarized Blister Packs
  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Periodic Packs
  • Full Period Packs

To know more about how to get help on full prescription adherence, visit our Prescription Pharmacy in Spartanburg, SC. Our approachable and friendly pharmacists are always available to assist you with your specific needs. You will have your specialized packaging ready in no time. Yes, we will start working on them while you wait.

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ChinoCare Pharmacy would deliver to your doorstep at no additional cost

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Smith Drug Store would collaborate with your doctors to manage your prescriptions and not let you run out of any medication

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